Save yourself some time — #TimePressIt

Highly efficient software development in Ruby / Ruby on Rails

Bespoke internal systems for companies

Is there no existing system in your company?

Are you overwhelmed by data and spreadsheets? Do you wish there were a way to spend less time adding data to tables?


Some of your processes are covered by software solutions?

Does your existing software cover most of your needs (accounting, CRM, CMS, etc.), but you know the system could be better, more flexible and easier to use? Do you need someone who will listen to your real needs and develop a tailored answer to your problems?

Give us 14 days to develop a demo version of the solution you need.

After two weeks, test it, and decide whether or not our solution is worth paying for. What makes Timepress so unique is our absolute focus on customer satisfaction, if you're not happy with our demo, you won't pay for it. We do not create massive, costly software solutions when you'd only use 10% of their functions. We identify the problem with you, and fix it as straightforwardly and as simply as possible.

Should you wish to keep part of your existing system, our years of experience with the integration of other software allow us to design a system which would let you use the functions you do like in your current software, while optimising your overall efficiency.

SW development through the whole life-cycle

1. Prototype

Are you looking for investors? Do you struggle with explaining the beauty of your idea to them? You need a prototype of your future application.

We can deliver a prototype for a cost of ₤5-10K. The development is custom tailored, you can watch the progress any time and give us a feedback. If you're not satisfied with the progress in first two weeks, you have a guarantee of paying nothing to us. Of course, the prototype doesn't work with live data and usually is thrown away after getting the seed money. But getting the seed, well, that's the goal of this.

2. MVP

You got your first investors, your company is funded by around ₤150K. Why? Because that's the limit of SEIS.
Now you need an MVP (minimum viable product), so you can get your first paying customers.

We have a history of custom tailored development. We know how to focus on the main issue and leave the unimportant parts of the software to further development after getting the paying customers. The MVP usually costs about ₤25-50K, so you still have enough money left for marketing etc. As well as for the prototype, also here we provide a guarantee of paying nothing to us, if you're not satisfied with what we deliver within two weeks after the start of our cooperation.

The goal is to scale up to Series A funding ₤1M+.

3. Full product development

Company is running and is funded. Your product needs more development to satisfy the needs of your clients. You are ready to establish your own internal team of developers, which takes time, of course.

We are able to develop the system after MVP phase and as time goes and you get the reliable people on board, we can pass the development to them, if you wish. Getting good programmers is one of the most challenging parts of building a company. We know that, we have years and years of experience with it. So, we're here to help you get through that process without stopping development of the product. We can also help you with code reviews on existing projects written in Ruby/Ruby on Rails.

  We do

  • Work with professionals who know their trade and only need someone to build a tool to optimise their efficiency
  • Bridge modern technologies and create unprecedented solutions (Ruby, RoR, Javascript & everything that will help your web application)
  • Empower your staff through productive tools which enable you to achieve more, for less effort
  • Develop future-proof web systems with the longest expiry date possible
  • Consider security and privacy as essential aspects of our work
  • Guarantee the best ROI on the market
  • Ask for your most honest, unfiltered feedback after a couple of months of use, and put it on our website as a reference

  We don't

  • Create more processes and/or tasks
  • Build a system as time-consuming and cumbersome as the one you're currently using
  • Sell what we don't believe in
  • Waste resources on unnecessary elements
  • Offer a solution we wouldn't buy ourselves
  • Invest on marketing over development, client feedback is our best sales pitch